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Published on June 23rd, 2016 | by Dan Massi


Devil’s Third Online Servers Shutting Down by Year’s End

The online multiplayer component of Devil’s Third is set to be shut down by the end of the year, Nintendo announced today.

Nintendo, who published the game last August, are completely pulling the plug on the servers in North America, Europe, and Japan on December 29th. Alongside the discontinuation details, a 50% discount for Devil’s Third will immediately be implemented in each region with the latest eShop update. Now, players who were interested in Devil’s Third without spending the original price-tag can (possibly) enjoy the game for only $30, and spend time in its multiplayer modes for the next five months. However, the in-game currency of Devil Third’s multiplayer – Golden Eggs – has a much shorter lifespan, and will no longer be available for purchase by next Monday (June 27th).

While Devil’s Third received scathing critical reviews upon release, and likely an even worse commercial reception, there still exists a cult following for the game online. Hopefully, the potential online-only PC release can carry over the existing Wii U community and continue the absolute weirdness that is the multiplayer of Devil’s Third.

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