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Published on September 6th, 2016 | by Rares Gruian


Metrico+ Review (PC)

metrico+_screenshot5_1920x1080Metrico+, developed by Digital Dreams, almost feels like a dream itself. The game is a very surreal puzzle platformer that pushes the way you interact with the game. It manages to challenge both halves of your brain, the artistic and the analytical.


The game revolves around manipulating graphs and charts to progress through the world. Jumping may raise or lower a platform, thus revealing a path to the exit, but jump too much and you may find that the bar graph you were supposed to hitch a ride on has risen too high. Failing a level is no big deal since restarting is as simple as a press of a button, and load times in Metrico+ are instant. Many other actions influence the motion of graphs too, like shooting, moving around, or even dying. Entering a new level often begins with toying with all the tools at your disposal to see what makes this particular level tick.

metrico+_screenshot6_1920x1080With every new area a new gameplay element is introduced, which really keeps you on your toes. The harder levels are usually in the end of an area so it always feels good to get a couple easy puzzles upon entering a new area to ease you into the new gameplay element. That being said, some of the games puzzles are no joke and are sure to stump even the most avid puzzle players. But the feeling of solving a puzzle without any help is unmatched. And this game delivers on that front more than a handful of times.

The game does seem to try and tell a story, but without any words or text. I only saw a few moments of the character struggle to undergo a transformation. The underlying meaning of these moments went over my head, but story has never been a big deal to me so I didn’t mind the more cryptic vibe to the events. In the end, I think it’s all about what the individual player wants to take away from it.


The game is the epitome of clean cut. It uses a flat design style that is all the rage in graphic design and it uses it well. Everything is clear and you get very nice visual feedback when triggering any object. If you jump (or perform any other action that would trigger an action in that level), you instantly see a change in the environment. This combination of clarity, color, and communication makes for a very easy to comprehend experience.


metrico+_screenshot4_1920x1080The music is very relaxing and something I can see myself listening to even outside of the game. It really ties together the whole simple graphs and metrics aesthetic. Similar to a presentation you’d give in real life, you don’t want to bombard your audience with over the top audio or visuals, and Metrico+ succeeds in engaging without overwhelming.


Metrico+ offers a new take on puzzle platforming that left me pleasantly surprised. It is a bit on the short side, taking about 4 hours to complete for me. Gamers can find enjoyment in this game if they are looking for some challenge, not in the traditional hair trigger jumps most platformers rely on, but rather learning to dissect the levels before jumping in. In Metrico+, it’s all about looking at the big picture.

Review Copy Provided by Digital Dreams.

Metrico+ Review (PC) Rares Gruian
Gameplay - 80%
Visuals - 100%
Sound - 90%

Summary: Metrico+ looks and plays great. I recommend checking it out if this kind of gameplay interests you. Just know there isn’t much in the way of replay value.



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