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8-Worlds News is a site that aims to inform gaming enthusiasts so they can make intelligent purchasing decisions. Since we currently are ad-free and don’t have a budget to work with the vast majority of games we review are given to us by a game’s publisher. While we certainly do appreciate their kindness, it does not mean that games will receive a positive score because of it. We review all games fairly and aim to inform our readers – not to work as a publishing tool for video game companies. Every review will clearly state if we have received a Review Copy from a publisher at the bottom of the review.

Scoring Policy

While we do grade individual aspects of games (gameplay, sound, graphics, etc.), the overall score a game receives is not an average. Instead, it is a score that sums up the quality of the game and the decision is made solely by the reviewer. We do not review by committee and the score is only representative of the reviewer’s opinion.

Here is what each number means:

100% – Masterpiece
We rarely award games the label of masterpiece, but when we do, it means the product is one that can’t be missed. If you are a gaming enthusiast then you must play this game regardless of genre preferences.

90% – Excellent
9s represent the best of a genre and are games that really stand-out from their contemporaries. These games are often innovative and highly polished.

80% – Great
Great games often have a lot going for them, but a few issues keep them from realizing their full potential. These titles excel at what they aim to do.

70% – Good
7s indicate that a game is of a high quality. While it isn’t the best the genre has to offer, it does enough to be an interesting title that might just tickle your fancy.

60% – Okay
There is nothing wrong with playing a game that is merely okay. There is still fun to be had with the title, but it has too many flaws to recommend to everyone.

50% – Mediocre
A 5 indicates that a game’s quality is largely a wash. For every plus there is a minus and ultimately the game doesn’t really fall into the positive or negative side of the spectrum.

40% – Bad
There might be some fun to be had in this title but it is severely flawed. Fans of the genre might find it to be fun but the majority won’t.

30% – Poor
This game is not worth your money and its flaws far outweigh anything interesting it does.

20% – Awful
There are little to no redeeming qualities for this game. Stay away!

10% – Broken
1s are almost exclusively reserved to games that are extremely broken. We have no idea how these games passed certification.

While these scores are helpful ways to judge a game’s quality at a glance, full context can only be gained by reading the review.

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