Published on June 9th, 2016 | by Dan Massi

Watch Dogs 2 Takes it to the West Coast this November

Watch Dogs 2 is headed to the tech capital of the world, San Francisco, when it launches on Xbox One, PS4, and PC on November 15th, Ubisoft announced today. The reveal itself isn’t too surprising, with IGN spoiling the news of both the game’s setting and release date yesterday, but there were some secrets left untouched that have now come to light.

Just as we saw in Chicago, San Francisco is now under the complete control of Blume Corporation’s ctOS, an operating system that can monitor and track every civilian in the city, and which has now seen a significant upgrade since the events of the first Watch Dogs. Aiden Pearce is out, with Oakland native Marcus Holloway taking his place; a man lead to the anti-establishment hacker organization Dedsec, after being profiled and accused of a crime he did not commit.

Seeing the trailer, Watch Dogs 2 has a definite shift in tone from the first game, offering what looks to be a more fun, hands-on approach that expands on the hacking capabilities introduced in its predecessor. Nearly every component of the game’s open world San Francisco is now hackable, including all NPCs, vehicles, and the vast amount of electronics that occupy and run throughout the city.

Hacking isn’t the only improvement developer Ubisoft Montreal is working on; they’re also fundamentally changing the combat in the game. Like Pearce’s tactical baton, Marcus Holloway has his own special melee weapon too: a DIY project that attaches a billiard ball to a strong rope. But where the combat changes the most is that it can be now be completely non-lethal. Not only does Holloway carry a ball on a rope in his arsenal, but a taser as well, effectively giving players the option of not killing a single enemy during their playthrough of the game. Unsatisfied with just being the morally superior character, Holloway also has the technologically strategic advantage with gameplay additions including the use of a modified souped-up RC car and drone (which features a first-person view).

Additionally, the online is seeing a major change too. In the original game, players could come across real people in their virtual Chicago, and the ultimate goal would be to stop those who stumble into your world from wreaking havoc. Now, the hackers of the world have put their differences aside, and the online component of Watch Dogs 2 encourages teamwork – stemming from a philosophy that the oppressed must rise up and fight together, and not just hack cellphones just to be a dick.

There’s a lot of time between now and November 15th. Stay tuned to 8-Worlds News as we continue to cover Watch Dogs 2 and begin our E3 coverage!

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