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Published on September 29th, 2015 | by Derek Lanter


Zombie Defense Review (Wii U)

Zombie Defense is Teyon’s first Wii U game and it’s pretty good. It’s a tower defense game, but instead of towers there are several types of mercenaries. The game starts off extremely easy as you are shown what to do. You are given $200 to buy your first soldiers. At the beginning of the game you can only pick policemen, but you’ll eventually gain access to snipers, commandos, and bazooka shooters. To spawn your troops you must choose one of the several green spots on the map. Once there, you can actually move the soldiers from spot to spot. Some spots offer cover so there is definitely a strategy of where you place your troops.


Killing zombies gives you money, which can be used to spawn more soldiers (there’s a limit to how many you can have at one time), upgrade the units or buy grenades. Every level has several waves of zombies and every wave increases the number of them, as well as increasing their strength. Typically at the end of a level you are being bombarded with hoards of super strong zombies.


You will have to move your soldiers around to keep them out of harms way. Grenades, dynamite and eventually airstrikes can all be used to thin out clusters of the undead. You can also speed up the game to 3X the normal speed as well as slow it down to half speed. This slow down feature is a must in certain parts of the game.

At the end of each level you’ll get a nice chunk of cash to buy permanent upgrades. You’ll have access to different types of troops, increasing your soldier limit from 3 all the way to 32, increasing the max rank troops can be upgraded too, turrets, bomb increases, damage & cash increases and much more. There are quite a lot of upgrades and it can seem pretty overwhelming, especially as some of them are extremely expensive.

The game isn’t long enough to get all of these upgrades in a single playthrough through, so you’ll have to play each level several times to get everything. There are about 40 levels, including some optional bonus ones. There is even a hard mode, so the amount of content here is pretty good. Competitive players will also enjoy the online leaderboards, which rate your overall score for both normal and hard mode.


Everything is played using the touchscreen so you will spend all of your time using the GamePad. For the most part the interface works great. Occasionally I would send a troop to another green circle and they would just freeze up and not move. This wasn’t a huge deal as it didn’t happen often, and the troop would be freed of his immobile curse after the wave was over. Each level will also save your last successful wave so if you die you can reload it and try again.


Zombie Defense is not a graphical showpiece, as you can definitely tell it is a mobile port. Everything is a bit blurry and nothing is very detailed. It’s not offensively bad, but it is far from being impressive. This isn’t the type of game that really demands great visuals, though, so it can be mostly forgiven.


zombiedefense2The game’s music is pretty generic, but is definitely fitting with the genre. It would get a little tiring as it’s repeated constantly throughout the game, but you won’t really be paying attention to it with all the gunshots being fired, all the time. All these sound effects sound as they should though.


Zombie Defense isn’t the best looking or sounding game. It’s not very original either. Still, as with most tower defense games it is pretty fun, with an addicting upgrade system. After every mission I couldn’t wait to buy more upgrades and then immediately try them out. There is a good amount of content here, as well as a nightmare mode for those who want to make this already challenging game even harder. If you like tower defense games, this is a pretty good option. It may not be free, like its mobile counterpart, but at least you will be getting a full game without all those evil in-app purchases.

Zombie Defense Review (Wii U) Derek Lanter
Gamplay - 70%
Visuals - 60%
Sound - 60%

Summary: A good tower defense game with lots of content.



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